Enhancing trout fishing on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Southeast Oklahoma   

The Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation (LMFRF) was founded in 2002 for the sole purpose of enhancement and improvement of the trout fishery of the lower Mountain Fork River.     lmfrfoundation.org

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Rainbow Trout

Habitat:  Look for rainbow trout around boulders, logs and undercut banks.  The rainbow often uses deep runs and areas with overhead cover as potential feeding areas. The rainbow also prefers swift moving water and, as with many stream dwelling fish, orients themselves into the current to wait for insects to drift down.

Characteristics:  Slightly forked tail fin covered with small dark spots.  Dark olive color along back and broad reddish or pink stripe along side.  Silvery white belly and 10 to 11 rays on anal fin.

Important Caddis, Mayflies and Midges

on the Lower Mountain Fork River

     Information provided by Robert Woodruff

SpeciesTimeHook SizeColorFly
CaddisJan-Feb16BlackElk Hair Caddis

March Brown Mayfly (nymph)

All Year12Mottled BrownP.T., GRHE, Wired Hare's Ear

March Brown Mayfly (adult)

Feb -March12-14Mottled BrownParachute P.T., March Brown
CaddisAll Year14GrayElk Hair Caddis, Davey's Caddis
Caddis (nymph)All Year16OliveCaddis, Serendipity
Caddis (nymph)All Year16AmberCaddis, Caddis
MidgeAll Year20-22BlackMidge Dry, Griffith's Gnat
MidgeAll Year20-22CreamMidge Dry
Midge (nympth)All Year20-22Red/MaroonDisco Caddis, Red Hot, Thread Midge, Brassie
Hexagenia MayflyJune-July-Aug6-8Pale YellowHex Dry, Yellow Stimulators
Sulphur MayflyAll Year14-16YellowSulphur Dry
Rusty Dun MayflyFall16-18Rusty BrownParachute Dry
Blue Wing Olive MayflyAll Year16-18-20Olive W/Gray Wings
CaddisAll Year12-14TanElk Hair Caddis, Davey's Caddis
Gray Dun MayflyAll Year14-16GrayAdams
Pale Morning DunAll Year14-16Tan/YellowPMD Dry
Tan Dun MayflyLate Summer-Fall14-16Light TanLight Cahill

Trout Fishing 

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Caddisfly (Order Trichoptera): Up to 1 inch long.  Six hooked legs on upper third of body. Two hooks at back end.  May have fluffy gill tuffs on lower half.

Stonefly (Order Plecoptera): 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long.  Six legs with hooked tips.  Two hair-like tails.  No gills on lower half of body.


Mayfly (Order Ephemoptera): Brown, 1.4 to 1 inch in length. Feather-like gills along side of body.  Two or three hair like tails, possibly webbed together..

Important Instream Insects

Brown Trout

Habitat:  Commonly found in slower moving water than rainbow trout.Typically found close to structure in deep water.  Brown trout are known to be more elusive than rainbow trout and grow to larger sizes.

Characteristics:  Tail fin is not definitely forked and either has no spots in the tail or only a few in the upper part of the tail.  Back is dark olive in color with large dark colored spots and red or rusty colored spots.  Belly usually yellowish or white.  Usually 9 rays in anal fin.

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